Empower Students Ownership of Learning Mission Statement

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Empower Student Learning

Empower Students Ownership of Learning Mission

Empower students to own their learning is my mission to help educators understand how to empower student learning in the classroom.

Information provided is based on Partnering With Students, Building Ownership of Learning Book.

True North is about empowering students with the wisdom and confidence to exceed expectations throughout their school years and beyond. True North is about instilling an unwavering desire in students to own their learning, as they discover the freedom and responsibility for their choices in learning. Teachers who aim for True North understand deeply that educate means to draw out one’s potential.

Vandas, Kara L. (2015). Partnering with students : building ownership of learning. Thousand Oaks, California :Corwin, A SAGE Company,

My Teaching Journey

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My journey in teaching involves reflections, professional development, and teacher pay teacher. I spent hours and hours searching for ideas, reading books, and planning lessons. Sounds familiar? I love to buy teaching books. I spent significant money. My husband wanted to “kill me” sometimes. I read many teaching websites and found intriguing ideas I like to use for teaching. I did this for a while, I fell in love with writing teaching blogs. I am a fan of writing blog posts.

I find writing blogs therapeutic. I published my first blog with Teacher Discovery. I realized what good writing looks like. Confianza, an education consulting company, has asked me to be a contributor since 2019. I published a blog on racism in May 2021 and published a How to Have an Honest Conversation About Racism article in June. I am also doing a blog series on Instructional Coaching. You can visit https://ellstudents.com/blogs/the-confianza-way/ to learn more about my blogs.

Invitation to Explore

You will find the Education Blog Desk website unique, because ideas are from books stacked in the corner of the room that have not been read. Books provide different perspectives on topics that interest us. It helps us gain knowledge. I use Building Ownership of Learning as a foundation for students’ social and emotional learning and transferable skills for a successful career.

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