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Archive page contains posts from 2021 to present. It was a struggle between writing and creating my Education Blog Desk website. As I reflect on how far I have come with this website, I appreciate all the more of the Productive Failure that comes with it. There were countless times when I struggled and failed to master Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But it is that failure and struggle I went through, I am much better at applying and recalling information about SEO when mistakes are made.

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SEO is just a part of the struggle to put together my website. Writing blog posts did not come easy at first. Part of it is that I did not have a big picture of Teacher Clarity. As I write and read more on Standards and all that come with it, I realize that writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly.

Some of the older posts I wrote I did not expect them to be successful, but they were popular with educators. Posts like How to Increase Student Learning through the 4 Steps Process and How to Help Your Students Achieve Success in 3 Effective Ways. I am grateful to the readers who continue to exist on this website.

I am privileged to have your continued support. You can browse through my collection of blog posts and pick ideas that resonate with you.